Leadership Profile: Kathy from Sacramento County, California

Kathy Jones

Location: Sacramento County, CA
Number of Years in Foster Care: 5 years
Interests: My interests are being an advocate for current and former foster youth, the abused, animals and people of faith.  I also enjoy mentoring others who have requested help in writing a book, as I have experience being an author. I have several hobbies, a few of which are boating, reading, writing, and playing guitar and piano.

Definition of Leadership: A person who demonstrates a clear vision and focus on the mission, is a strategic planner and believes in teamwork. Great leaders help others reach their goals, make it a priority to listen to their team members and take pride in each team member’s accomplishments. A great leader is one who demonstrates integrity, courage and humility. They are flexible and embrace the inevitable changes their organization/business will face. A good leader is one who earns the respect of their team.

Goals: I would like to see many policy changes concerning foster care, especially for youth aging out and those aged 26 and above who no longer have federal or state aid options available to help them with housing and other basic needs.




Leadership Profile: Marcus from Sacramento County, California

Marcus Jones

Location: Sacramento County, CA
Number of Years in Foster Care: 5 Years
Interests:  I was in California Youth Connection back in 2004-2007 it taught me to be an advocate for the foster youth to know their rights while living in the foster care system. Also, California Youth Connection taught me to be a better leader for the foster youth because they need my help to help them to write the A.B. bill to California Governor to mandate training for foster parents.  I love to go to concerts to have fun to relieve stress. My hobby is writing because it helps me to get things off of my mind. I am a graduate of California State University, Sacramento with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Advocacy and Diversity (Special Major). Now I am graduate of Walden University studying in Master of Science Criminal Justice Specialization in Law and Policy.

Definition of Leadership: My definition of leadership is to be an advocate for the foster youth who don’t have a voice.

Goals:  I am currently looking for job that allows me to promote advocacy and diversity safe space for former youth to be free from hate, sexual orientation, and diversity. 


Leadership Profile: Brittany from Fulton County, Georgia

Brittany Myers 2

Location: Fulton County, GA
Number of Years in Foster Care: 3 Years
Interests: My interests are reading, writing and motivating others. 

Definition of Leadership: Leadership is the ability to serve others with humility and passion.

Goals: My community service goal is to be the voice of suicide awareness. My professional goals are to become a well-known Speaker and Author. My books and speeches would focus on love and healing.

Read about Brittany’s Speech at Youth Thrive™ Learning Community Meeting in Clearwater, Florida


Leadership Profile: Kysha from Franklin County, Kentucky


Location: Franklin County, KY
Number of Years in Foster Care: 4 Years
Interests: Singing, Songwriting, Writing, Reading, Sports, Cooking, Traveling, Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, and Foster Care Advocacy

Definition of Leadership: My definition of leadership is to stand up when others choose to remain quite. To raise awareness on any situation, through any, and/all channels/forms of communication. To work alongside people/persons involved directly in the situation, those who have the desire to get involved, and the communities where the situations took/take place. To be the voice for those who are incapable/unable to provide their own voice by providing advocacy, the knowledge of programs, resources, and support groups; and the ability to access them.

Goals: My professional goals are to good back to college and become a Youth Corrections Officer, an Advocate Lawyer, a Criminal Defense/Prosecution Attorney, and a Counselor/Therapist. My community service goals are to continue hosting my support groups, continue to raise awareness of the cons of the foster care system, continue to advocate and fight for the changes that are duly long overdue and needed.

Please check back for more of Kysha’s Leadership interests.


Foster Leaders Weekly Update – 1/14/2018

**If you would like to share any event(s), resource(s), or any other update(s) that are beneficial to those transitioning out of foster care or those who are dedicated to guiding them through this transition, please comment on this post with a brief summary, in which states this information is relevant, and link(s) where we can find more information. **

The picture represents mailboxes created by MAD Designs, which is run by two former foster youth who are married.  They are $8 for 1 box and each additional box is $5.  Please click here to connect with them to see how you can place an order in time for Valentine’s Day.



Youth Voice Writing Contest for Current and former foster youth, ages 18-24, located anywhere in the United States.  The Chronicle of Social Change is looking for Personal essays (nonfiction) between 1000-2000 words related to your foster care experience. Must be original work. Must be related in some way to the theme for this year’s contest: Love is …   The Deadline for submission is January 31, 2018.  The winner will receive $500 and the opportunity to have their piece published in The Chronicle of Social Change and Fostering Families Today. The runner-up will get $250, and finalists will receive $50.  Please click here for more info.
Link: https://chronicleofsocialchange.org/contest

Youth Villages is expanding its Mozzaz digital health deployment to help former foster youth make a successful transition to adulthood through active, mobile client engagement and connected telehealth services. Personalized to individuals’ unique needs, the Mozzaz platform sends custom alerts, provides tips for specific interventions, and supports a positive, more connected environment including secure unified messaging through video calls and instant messaging.
Link: https://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwgeeks/article/Youth-Villages-Ready-to-Scale-with-Mozzaz-Digital-Health-Solution-Built-on-Microsoft-Azure-Platform-20180109

Former Foster Youth, Kandice Lake, is working on this document that she hopes will help many current and former foster youth attending college, and the faculty and administrators they encounter. She will start off with frequently asked questions and answers to those questions that will provide a resource to explain and at the same time depersonalize the situation of any individual student in foster care. She hopes to share the document later this month, and hope that advocates for foster youth will introduce it to college students, colleges and universities, and foster youth advocates.
Link: http://kids-alliance.org/coming-soon-new-tool-college-students-foster-care/


The Park West Foundation is proud to support the annual “Jump Shot Your Future” event. The annual college fair is the largest college fair for youth aging out of foster care (ages 14-25).“Jump Shot Your Future is a youth-led and guided project that is helping to bridge the educational gap for foster youth aging out, where youth leaders formerly in foster care develop the event concept into a meaningful experience that allows the provided information to connect with their peers more effectively,” says Saba Gebrai, Park West Foundation Program Director. The event brings together resources and universities in one place so young adults from foster care backgrounds can discover that attending and graduating from college is an obtainable goal. A plethora of vendors will be in attendance to offer resources and opportunities for the youth, including universities, tuition assistance programs and free health screenings.  The fair will be held on Sunday, January 28, from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History in Detroit. The event is open to current and former foster care students ages 14 to 25.
Link: http://parkwestfoundation.org/5th-annual-jump-shot-future-college-fair/