Leadership Profile: Anne from Highland County, Ohio

Anne Phillips

Location: Highland County, OH
Number of Years in Foster Care: 6 Years
Interests:  Giving advice to others when they ask, arts and crafts, taking care of animals. I volunteer at the church I attend. I’m involved in the activities that occur at the state lake I live near.

Definition of Leadership: Role models that have the experience and skills to guide and lead those that are unsure what to do or where to take the next step.



Leadership Profile: Shailiegh from Shawnee County, Kansas


Location: Shawnee County, KS
Number of Years in Foster Care: 5 Years
Interests: I am currently part of a Foster/Adopt ministry with my church, I am an alumni of the Kansas Youth Advisory Council. I have spoken and continue to speak at conferences, meetings, and on panels about foster care and my experience, etc.

Definition of Leadership: My definition of leadership is voicing and advocating for those who won’t or can’t positively. To be there for someone know matter the circumstance and delegate the resources known.

Goals: I am currently pursuing my MSW.