Support Foster Youth Leadership

Foster Leaders envisions a world where the public thinks of resilience and unique leadership potential when they think of the foster youth community. Understanding that there are several individuals and groups across the United States and beyond who are already directly involved in the leadership development of current and former foster youth, we focus 100% of our efforts on networking with these individuals and groups.

We are actively building a partnership of individuals, businesses, and organizations who are in the position to support one or more of the following functions that will be utilized to help adolescents and adults from foster care define and achieve success:

Provide an Income-Earning Opportunity
If you have a particular task or project you are working on, please consider hiring a former foster youth from our leadership network.  After learning more about what you are looking for, we will match you with a former foster youth who has leadership goals that match your task or project.  Please click here to Provide an Income-Earning Opportunity.

Provide Apprenticeship, Community Service, or Life Skills Training Opportunity
You can help those transitioning out of foster care acquire practical experience in life skills or a particular career/trade in which they are interested.  Please click here to provide a hands-on leadership training opportunity.

Share Life Skills or Career/Trade-Specific Advice
One of the most simple ways to make a significant impact on the leadership development of those transitioning out of foster care is to share your expertise.  We are actively seeking professionals and other community leaders who will share their expertise through a video, through participation in one of our online radio discussions, or through a simple response in the form at the bottom of this page.  Please click here to share leadership advice.

Host Networking Session for Local Foster Youth
It is amazing to see what happens when former foster youth come together in fellowship.  Hosting a dinner or networking session will give you a chance to witness the joy that comes from connecting with others who have shared experiences and the remarkable ideas that come from former foster youth coming together to brainstorm solutions.  Please click here to host a networking session for local foster youth.

Support the Foster Leaders Fund
The Foster Leaders Fund is utilized to help us provide income to former foster youth who are involved in managing our leadership showcase platforms and to support the growth of grassroots leadership initiatives launched by former foster youth..  Please click here to support the Foster Leaders Fund.

Sponsor an Initiative Designed by one of our Former Foster Youth Workgroups
One of Foster Leaders’ main contributions to the world is to unite former foster youth  behind the goal of designing initiatives that make a difference in their communities.  As our workgroups of former foster youth manage the growth of their initiatives, you have an opportunity to sponsor a particular initiative and retain the workgroup for that initiative as advisors as you integrate their initiative into the needs of your program or community responsibility plan.  Please review our “Platforms” to get more information on the initiatives available for sponsorship, and submit the form below to discuss sponsorship.

If you would like to personally discuss opportunities to support foster youth leadership, please submit the form below and a member of Foster Leaders management will contact you as soon as possible.