The Foster Leaders Process

Much of the dialogue about the foster youth community centers around negative outcomes. Even though these outcomes are based on real numbers and speak to the shortfalls of the system in which they were placed during their youth, they often overshadow the resilience and other leadership attributes that inherently exist in those who are left to navigate life in and after foster care. Foster Leaders is dedicated to promoting the leadership potential of adolescents and adults from foster care.

Understanding that there are several wonderful individuals and groups who are already in the position to provide direct services that promote the leadership potential of current and former foster youth, we focus 100% our efforts on networking.  Our networking efforts are centered around 3 core concepts that we have found to be key in the lives of those navigating the transition from foster care to a sustainable adult life.  These concepts are highlighted in our mission statement, “We Foster CONNECTION. We Foster LEARNING. WE FOSTER LEADERS.”

Please refer to the illustration below to get a better idea of how we serve.