Learn How We Foster Learning

We Foster Learning through the establishment of Project Development Teams.  A Project Development Team is established for each unique community service idea that is submitted by former foster youth and community-conscious professionals.  Each Project Development Team is categorized by the skills required for the growth of the community service idea guiding that team.  As those transitioning out of foster care become engaged with Foster Leaders, they are referred to team(s) that are associated with skills involved in achieving their personal visions for success.  Former foster youth who are achieving their personal visions for success and other leaders are referred to team(s) that are associated with skills in which they have expertise.  These leaders share their expertise with those transitioning out of foster care, as they are practicing skills and utilizing those skills to support the design of their project(s).

Once a project is fully designed, Foster Leaders helps create a sponsorship proposal for that project.  If a former foster youth submitted the community service idea that guided the project, Foster Leaders will help them submit their project proposal to prospective sponsors.  If a community-conscious professional submitted the idea, Foster Leaders will help a team of former foster youth who led the Project Development Team present that proposal to the professional for sponsorship.  Whether the person submitting the community service idea was a former foster youth or not, sponsors will be urged to retain former foster youth who were involved in leading the design of the project as paid consultants.

As you may notice, much of the content that you see across the Foster Leaders platform is unpolished.  While doing our best with resources available to us, the “raw” state of the content created and distributed by Foster Leaders provides unique opportunities for former foster youth to learn from professionals with expertise in skills associated with editing our content and to earn income from the editing process.

Even though we are not actively developing Project Development Teams at this point, we are looking for community service ideas from former foster youth and professionals who are looking to make an impact on their respective communities.  Please submit a basic description of your community service idea below: