Foster Leaders Leadership Platforms

One major part of our networking efforts is our collection of platforms showcasing the professional pursuits, community service efforts, and other leadership-oriented activities of the foster youth community.  Our vision with these platforms is to show younger generations of foster youth and other youth who come from broken families that their interests are worthy, and to inspire the involvement of those who are in the position to guide them in defining and achieving their leadership goals.

At this point in time, these platforms are being managed by former foster youth who are volunteering their time.  We have established the Foster Leaders Fund, to provide income to those who are most active in managing these platforms.  In addition to these platforms presenting opportunities for former foster youth to earn income, they also present opportunities for former foster youth to acquire hands-on practice in skills that are important in achieving their leadership goals.  We hope to become an organization that is recognized by employers and other community leaders as a worthy point of reference when they are seeking uniquely qualified leaders.

Please review our platforms below:


Foster Leaders Radio is a network of online radio shows hosted by former foster youth. In addition to showcasing the creativity and leadership potential of the foster youth community, shows on Foster Leaders Radio help us engage the public in the cause of those transitioning out of foster care.


Ask a Foster Leader is a platform that gives former foster youth the opportunity to showcase the leadership potential of the foster youth community by sharing firsthand insight with those who are in the position to serve current and former foster youth.  Through the Ask a Foster Leader platform, those who are looking for guidance on specific topics related to working with the foster youth community can ask their questions and get them answered by panels of former foster youth.  In addition to providing firsthand insight about their experiences in foster care, former foster youth involved with Ask a Foster Leader review existing research on foster care related research and utilize their firsthand foster care experience to discuss the topics being researched.