Welcome to Foster Leaders

Much of the dialogue about the foster youth community centers around negative outcomes.  Even though these outcomes are based on real numbers and speak to the shortfalls of the system in which they were placed during their youth, they often overshadow the resilience and other leadership attributes that inherently exist in those who are left to navigate life in and after foster care.  Foster Leaders is dedicated to ensuring that adolescents and adults from the foster care system are able to nurture their leadership potential as they transition from foster care to a sustainable adult life.

Understanding that there are several wonderful individual and groups who are already in the position to promote the leadership development of current and former foster youth, we focus 100% our efforts on networking rather than providing direct services. Moreover, we coordinate our networking through platforms designed to engage those navigating the transition from foster care to a sustainable adult life and those who are in the position to guide them through this transition.  Our platforms center around 3 core concepts, which we have found to be key factors in the leadership development of those transitioning out of foster care:

We promote the continuance of supportive relationships those transitioning out of foster care established while they were in care and promote the formation of new supportive relationships who are able to help them define what leadership means to them.

We showcase opportunities for those transitioning out of foster care to practice skills that are important in achieving their “Personal Leadership Visions.”

We promote former foster youth who are actively involved with community service tasks, professional tasks, and other leadership efforts across the United States and beyond.

We envision a world where foster youth are seen as uniquely qualified leaders.  In an effort to achieve this vision in every community across the United States and beyond, we are building a growing network of former foster youth who can represent the resilience and overall leadership potential of foster youth in their respective communities.  Moreover, Foster Leaders is not just the name of our movement, it is the name that we are utilizing to unite and empower the foster youth community.

Would you like to become a Foster Leader? If you are a former foster youth who would like to serve as a representative for your community, and to benefit from Foster Leaders’ promotion of former foster youth leadership efforts at no charge, please click on the Code of Leadership below to build a Personal Leadership Vision:

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