Foster Leaders Fund

Foster Leaders envisions a world where the public thinks of resilience and unique leadership potential when they think of the foster youth community.  In order to ensure that this vision becomes a reality, we focus 100% of our time on networking with the public to make sure current and former foster youth are placed in roles where they are seen as leaders.  This involves us coordinating community service opportunities, supporting foster youth leadership efforts with our time and money, and working with our partners to identify income-earning opportunities for those transitioning out of care.  As we are doing all this, we are actively showcasing the leadership efforts of foster youth on our online pages and through our participation in community events.

The Foster Leaders Fund is utilized to help us provide income to former foster youth who are involved in managing our leadership showcase platforms and to support the growth of grassroots leadership initiatives launched by former foster youth.

As time progresses, we will be establishing campaigns to raise funding for the Foster Leaders Fund.  Please browse the following list of campaigns:

I Support Foster Youth Leadership T-Shirt Campaign

Ask a Foster Leader Tip Jar