Learn How We Foster Connection

We Foster Connection through the development of projects that engage the foster care community and the general public.  These networking-focused projects are designed to promote information exchange and collaboration between young adults, families, professionals, and volunteers who are involved in the foster care system.  They are also designed to create a common ground between the foster youth cause and those who have had little to no involvement with foster care.  This common ground is created by designing our projects around the interests and needs of the general public and involving the foster youth voice in the projects.  Consequently, we are able to showcase the resilience and leadership potential of the foster youth community in a way the connects with the perspectives of those in the general public.

Even though we are organized as an action committee instead of an organization, we will be able to utilize our Connection projects to connect former foster youth to opportunities to earn income and to serve their respective communities.  This will be made possible through a collaborative partnership we are involved in, called the Connect 20 Partnership.

Please browse our “Connection” projects below:

Craft Coalition
Foster Leaders Radio Network

Luke 14:21 Outreach