Peer Coaching

If you are in your adult years, please take a moment to think about your teenage years.  When an adult was giving you direction, were there times when you took their guidance lightly because they “did not know what it was like being a teen in your generation.”  You most likely experienced this on multiple occasions and it probably led to some times where you had to learn by making mistakes.  Making this concept more true in the lives of those transitioning out of foster care is the fact that there is a “revolving door” of adult connections in the lives of foster youth, which leads to a lack of trust in the group that is often in the position to provide guidance to foster youth.

Our goal with our peer coaching section is to establish a collection of life skills advice provided by former foster youth.  We believe the connectability that is provided by peer mentoring and the quick bond that is created by shared foster care experiences will position our peer coaching section to effectively reach those transitioning out of foster care with important life skills.

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