Leadership Profile: Rose from Hancock County, Tennessee

Rose Hensley

Location: Hancock County, TN
Number of Years in Foster Care: 4 Years
Interests: Painting, Crocheting, Poetry, Dog Rescuing, Sculpting, Sketching, Fishing, Camping, Cooking

Definition of Leadership: I think my mission with my advocacy is to lift folks up, point them in a good direction, be there to catch someone when they fall. I believe that every story is important no matter what capacity you were in foster care. We have to look out for one another, encourage one another, to help as many as can be told that you can be a victor instead a victim, and that you can rise up despite circumstances. I also believe in free speech which is what I encourage folks on the page to use.

Goals: To continue growing Former Foster Children United, which encourages former foster youth to pursue education and self-sufficiency.

Please browse the powerful statements made through Rose’s artistic expression.

Crochet Bag

I made this bag recently because I noticed I’ve still got my things packed in a garbage bags at 37 years old. It bothered me that that became normal and has been for many years. I remember times having only a few minutes to pack all my belongings in those bags to move from place to place, never having a permanent place to live, and during my adulthood I moved around a whole lot too. And of course my main luggage was hefty suitcase. I created this bag as an upgrade to that.


This blanket is very special to me. I made this in memory of my brother, Finley Burgans.  There were a lot of tears while making this but it helped and now I sleep under it every night. My brother and I were the only siblings who were close and had a bond. I hurt for him because his childhood in foster care was a nightmare. Mom pretty much dropped him off at a pedophiles door step via my auntie Michael. He was in Michigan foster care before I was born.


I make these as gifts.  That’s one skill my mother taught me as a kid.  If you can help folks, then do it. I make them sometimes to take to homeless shelter.


Her dress in tatters but holding to her faith in the darkness. These tattered clothes serve as a reminder of the clothing many foster kids are stuck with are rags.  Each candle is a lesson learned and the rosary behind her was her cross to bear in life.   Praying because she was scared of not knowing why she prayed to god and things got worse. The darkness surrounding her as she still tries to hold on to her faith that things will get better but things seem to not.