Foster Leaders Weekly Update – 1/7/2018

Our Foster Leaders Weekly Update platform is designed to share notable information that we come across in our networking efforts. The information we share is meant to benefit those transitioning from foster care to a sustainable adulthood and those who are in the position to guide them. We purposely focus our information sharing on the 3 core concepts that guide Foster Leaders:

WE FOSTER CONNECTION through information that promotes the growth of a local and a national support network for those transitioning out of foster care.

WE FOSTER LEARNING through sharing opportunities to practice skills that are important in foster youth achieving the personal leadership goals.

WE FOSTER LEADERS by promoting former foster youth who are serving their communities, pursuing their career goals, and participating in other leadership roles in their respective communities.

In an effort to alleviate some of the information overload that is encountered by many of those who are involved with foster care at some level, we sort our updates by geographic location. Moreover, all information that benefits those in only one state is sorted by that particular state and all information that benefits those in more than one state is sorted under “NATIONWIDE.”

Please comment on this post if you would like to share a resource, event, news article, or other piece of information that is beneficial to those transitioning out of foster care or those who are guiding them through their transition.




Guide to Tuition Assistance Programs for foster youth in all 50 states


This is a neat resource I came across this past week.  The Academy of Craft Training is a public/private partnership between the construction industry and the State of Alabama’s K-12 education system. Our mission is to recruit, educate and guide high school students for educational and employment opportunities in the construction industry. Approximately 30 percent of students graduate from high school don’t attend college and have neither academic nor job skills. Our goal is to help these students get the education and skills they need to be entry-level, skilled workers in the construction industry.


Have come across many articles saying that the Missouri Governor’s wife, Sheena Greitens, is heavily focused on foster care.  Is there a way we can connect with her and be a resource for her?


For high school students involved in the child welfare system, The Foundling’s Road to Success Program matches teens with a private tutor, who helps them in all areas of school and classwork at the locations and times that work best for the student. Tutors then guide their students through the college application process.


Fostering Further has created a store where young adults who have aged out of the foster care system around Licking County can get free supplies for their new home, whether it be a college dorm room or an apartment. The store has kitchen supplies, lamps, small furniture, personal care items and nonperishable food.


TruLight 127 was started by a former foster youth, named Sondra Ajasin and is dedicated to making sure youth do not have to age out of foster care.


Former foster youth who is a Washington State Representative.  Her name is Rep. Michelle Caldier and she sponsored House Bill 1444 that requires  school districts to facilitate on-time grade-level progression and graduation for homeless, foster and other at-risk youth. Local graduation requirements will now be waived for students who enroll in three or more districts throughout the year and still meet state graduation requirements. Instead of being shown the door, thousands of students will instead be handed a diploma.


– Former Foster Youth Can Get Involved by Defining Leadership.  Click Here to Participate.