Leadership Profile: Kathy from Sacramento County, California

Kathy Jones

Location: Sacramento County, CA
Number of Years in Foster Care: 5 years
Interests: My interests are being an advocate for current and former foster youth, the abused, animals and people of faith.  I also enjoy mentoring others who have requested help in writing a book, as I have experience being an author. I have several hobbies, a few of which are boating, reading, writing, and playing guitar and piano.

Definition of Leadership: A person who demonstrates a clear vision and focus on the mission, is a strategic planner and believes in teamwork. Great leaders help others reach their goals, make it a priority to listen to their team members and take pride in each team member’s accomplishments. A great leader is one who demonstrates integrity, courage and humility. They are flexible and embrace the inevitable changes their organization/business will face. A good leader is one who earns the respect of their team.

Goals: I would like to see many policy changes concerning foster care, especially for youth aging out and those aged 26 and above who no longer have federal or state aid options available to help them with housing and other basic needs.




Leadership Profile: Tara from Sanpete County, Utah

tara harrison

Location: Sanpete County, UT
Number of Years in Foster Care: 7 years
Interests: I currently work in juvenile corrections as well as residential treatment.

Definition of Leadership: Empowering others through example and empathy for their current struggles.

Goals: To finish my MSW



Leadership Profile: Dameon from Lucas County, Ohio

dameon caldwell

Location: Lucas County, OH
Number of Years in Foster Care: 12 years
Interests: Involved in improving other systems in which the foster youth community may come into contact (homeless, juvenile justice, sex trafficking, special needs, etc.).

Definition of Leadership: Making a change from mistakes you witnessed when you were a part of it.

Goals: My goals are always to be involved as much as possible without overshadowing people.


Leadership Profile: Shelda from Tom Green County, Texas


Location: Tom Green County, TX
Number of Years in Foster Care: 8 years
Interests: I am a wife and mother of two and much of my time revolves around my family. I enjoy going to the movies, musicals and theater performances. I enjoy listening to music and traveling back and forth from Texas to California where I am from.

Definition of Leadership: A leader is someone who accepts the challenge whether by circumstances, vote or appointment to show others how to accomplish a mission/goal/challenge while demonstrating team work, carelessness, long suffering, patience, morality and bravery never giving up and disappointing their team.

Goals: It is my desire to work with local foster agencies, CPS and CASA to create a support group for youth aging out of care. This county has a support group for parents. The county does not have a support system for youth. As a youth that emancipated from foster care and found it difficult to survive on my own, I have the desire to help others going through that process.

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Leadership Profile: Dr. Madison from St. Louis County, Missouri

Lanette Madison

Location: St. Louis County, MO
Number of Years in Foster Care: 8 years
Interests: Spending quality time with my children, reading, boxing, gardening, learning, traveling, and dancing. I thoroughly enjoy helping others, creating, designing. and improving upon organizational processes, policies, and procedures

Definition of Leadership: Leadership refers to a group of people who leverage their individual gifts, talents, skills, and abilities to collaboratively grow a business, improve upon a cause, champion a position, and carryout a specific mission.


Leadership Profile: Charles from Monroe County, Pennsylvania

Charles Stecker

Location: Monroe County, PA
Number of Years in Foster Care: 10 Years
Interests: My only interests are interactive intervention and proactive prevention of childhood abuses utilizing reform of the original child welfare system… Family.

Definition of Leadership: Leadership is the ability to inspire, motivate and empower a group of individuals towards a common goal with a servants heart.


Leadership Profile: Rodney from Orange County, California

Rodney Sims

Location: Orange County, CA
Number of Years in Foster Care: 17 Years
Interests:  Proud Father, Martial artist, Comic Book artist, fitness and well-being coach, health care provider, Proud husband and inspiration to enduring children and my fellow Man.

Definition of Leadership: Defying all odds known to Man, Making a positive impact on those who wrongfully endure, Inspiring hope in the hearts of the hopeless,

Please browse the powerful statements made through Rodney’s artistic expression.


It’s in our nature to follow righteousness, but there will be times when darkness threatens the light we strive to hold on to.

Leadership Profile: Anne from Highland County, Ohio

Anne Phillips

Location: Highland County, OH
Number of Years in Foster Care: 6 Years
Interests:  Giving advice to others when they ask, arts and crafts, taking care of animals. I volunteer at the church I attend. I’m involved in the activities that occur at the state lake I live near.

Definition of Leadership: Role models that have the experience and skills to guide and lead those that are unsure what to do or where to take the next step.


Leadership Profile: Marcus from Sacramento County, California

Marcus Jones

Location: Sacramento County, CA
Number of Years in Foster Care: 5 Years
Interests:  I was in California Youth Connection back in 2004-2007 it taught me to be an advocate for the foster youth to know their rights while living in the foster care system. Also, California Youth Connection taught me to be a better leader for the foster youth because they need my help to help them to write the A.B. bill to California Governor to mandate training for foster parents.  I love to go to concerts to have fun to relieve stress. My hobby is writing because it helps me to get things off of my mind. I am a graduate of California State University, Sacramento with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Advocacy and Diversity (Special Major). Now I am graduate of Walden University studying in Master of Science Criminal Justice Specialization in Law and Policy.

Definition of Leadership: My definition of leadership is to be an advocate for the foster youth who don’t have a voice.

Goals:  I am currently looking for job that allows me to promote advocacy and diversity safe space for former youth to be free from hate, sexual orientation, and diversity.