Leadership Profile: Kysha from Franklin County, Kentucky


Location: Franklin County, KY
Number of Years in Foster Care: 4 Years
Interests: Singing, Songwriting, Writing, Reading, Sports, Cooking, Traveling, Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, and Foster Care Advocacy

Definition of Leadership: My definition of leadership is to stand up when others choose to remain quite. To raise awareness on any situation, through any, and/all channels/forms of communication. To work alongside people/persons involved directly in the situation, those who have the desire to get involved, and the communities where the situations took/take place. To be the voice for those who are incapable/unable to provide their own voice by providing advocacy, the knowledge of programs, resources, and support groups; and the ability to access them.

Goals: My professional goals are to good back to college and become a Youth Corrections Officer, an Advocate Lawyer, a Criminal Defense/Prosecution Attorney, and a Counselor/Therapist. My community service goals are to continue hosting my support groups, continue to raise awareness of the cons of the foster care system, continue to advocate and fight for the changes that are duly long overdue and needed.

Please check back for more of Kysha’s Leadership interests.