Leadership Profile: Venasta from Duval County, Florida

Venasta Thomas

Location: Duval County, FL
Number of Years in Foster Care: 11 Years
Interests: I’m involved with checking on foster care children to make sure their placement is a safe and well cared for environment. I am interested in maintaining a honest rapport and good relationship with the children I am assigned to. I also would like to see foster youths have a well grounded financial understanding/ budgets, with money. I have my bachelor’s degree in accounting and always willing to share wise financial spending concepts when dealing with a different income due to job status or health issues.

Definition of Leadership: A person who can be honest enough to share and listen to another person’s ideas in subjects that are important for their journey in life which leads then to ultimately living a productive life as responsible, accountable and caring individuals.



Foster Leaders Weekly Update – 1/1/2018

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2018 GOALS

– Filter through information posted on our state-specific Facebook update pages and separate them into states and categories, making them more accessible to those who come into contact with Foster Leaders. As we do this, there will be a weekly blog featuring a compilation of events, news, and other information benefiting those involved with foster care.

– Develop a database of videos, blogs, podcasts, and other outlets that provide those transitioning out of foster care with access to life skills and trade-specific career guidance.

– Establish a fund that allows us to provide income to former foster youth who are actively involved in Foster Leaders and that allows Foster Leaders to connect those transitioning out of foster care to opportunities to practice the skills they are learning


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Look into the psychotropic medication experiences of those transitioning out of foster care into adulthood, and how experiences differ across the behavioral health spectrum.  This gives us understanding of the need for consistency in the mental health and physical health support structure as individuals move from foster care through their initial adult years.


SailFuture operates an innovative program that combines long-term housing, challenging sailing experiences, an accredited high school, life coaching, and job training to transform the lives of youth in Florida’s child welfare system. They are working on launching a post-program that helps kids transition after they turn 18.


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