XChange Radio Meeting #9 – 5/28/2017 feat Guest Host, Bruce Wagnitz

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Listen Live as Bruce Wagnitz joins Foster Leaders to update everyone on his latest project, the National Schoolhouse of Theatre Arts.  Bruce will also be helping us introduce Connect 20, which will be a collaborative project that we will be working on with Bruce and his foundation, Our Fields of Hope Foundation.

About the National Schoolhouse of Theatre Arts

The National Schoolhouse of Theatre Arts (NSTA) is an innovative collaboration between professional arts, the educational and medical communities and the Department of Health and Human Services. NSTA promotes a holistic learning environment using wrap around services, individualized for each youth’s educational and personal well  being. NSTA is a collaboration integrating education, creative arts and trauma informed care while providing a scholastic and homelike environment. In addition, NSTA provides resources and support to foster success in children from child welfare by providing industry and technology.  This schoolhouse of theatre arts is an innovative and creative style of secondary education coupled with a living situation which provides students the opportunity to develop safe, nurturing relationships, gain trust, create bonds and permanence in their lives for a successful transition into adulthood.

About the Connect 20 Partnership

Managed as a collaboration between Our Fields of Hope and Foster Leaders, the Connect 20 Partnership is a network of community leaders who come together to ensure that all current and former foster youth, between the ages of 14 and 30, are connected to at least 20 leaders who inspire them to create a personal vision for success and to at least 20 hands-on opportunities to practice skills associated with each of their visions for success.

Please submit questions about the National Schoolhouse of Theatre Arts (NSTA) or the Connect 20 Partnership by commenting on this “post.”  They will be discussed during our live broadcast.


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