The Foster Leaders Process

We Foster Connection. We Foster Learning. We Foster Leaders. 

Foster Leaders is an action committee that is dedicated to eliminating stigmas attached to foster youth by promoting their resilience and unique leadership potential.  With Foster Leaders, foster youth have a voice! With Foster Leaders, foster youth a whole network of people promoting their interests!

To see how we do all of this, please review the following sections to see how:

Connection Projects
We utilize Connection Projects to get the public involved in the mission of Foster Leaders.  These networking-focused projects are designed to promote information exchange and collaboration between young adults, families, professionals, and volunteers who are involved in the foster care system.  They are also designed to create a common ground between the foster youth cause and those who have had little to no involvement with foster care.  This common ground is created by designing our projects around the interests and needs of the general public and involving the foster youth voice in the projects.  Consequently, we are able to showcase the resilience and leadership potential of the foster youth community in a way the connects with the perspectives of those in the general public.

Project Development Teams (Coming Soon)
A Project Development Team is established for each unique community service idea that is submitted by former foster youth and community-conscious professionals.  Each Project Development Team is categorized by the skills required for the growth of the community service idea guiding that team.  As those transitioning out of foster care become engaged with Foster Leaders, they are referred to team(s) that are associated with skills involved in achieving their personal visions for success.  Former foster youth who are achieving their personal visions for success and other leaders are referred to team(s) that are associated with skills in which they have expertise.  These leaders share their expertise with those transitioning out of foster care, as they are practicing skills and utilizing those skills to support the design of their project(s).  Once a project is fully designed, Foster Leaders helps create a sponsorship proposal for that project.  If a former foster youth submitted the community service idea that guided the project, Foster Leaders will help them submit their project proposal to prospective sponsors.  If a community-conscious professional submitted the idea, Foster Leaders will help a team of former foster youth who led the Project Development Team present that proposal to the professional for sponsorship.  Whether the person submitting the community service idea was a former foster youth or not, sponsors will be urged to retain former foster youth who were involved in leading the design of the project as paid consultants.

Stage 3: Leadership Network
We want to make sure that former foster youth are reasonably compensated any time they are showcasing their talents or sharing their firsthand insight about the foster care system.  The goal of our “Leadership Network” section is to promote an online showcase of the talents of former foster youth and to give our supporters an opportunity to commission former foster youth for projects where the talents or voices of former foster youth are needed.  Included in the talent showcase component of the “Leadership Network” is a portfolio of projects that have been fully designed under our “Project Development Team” framework, with the names of the former foster youth who were influential in the design process included.  We also utilize our “Leadership Network” section to promote opportunities for foster youth to inspire others through community service,

Our vision is to see foster youth valued as leaders. 

What makes us unique is that we are organized as an action committee rather than a corporation.  This allows us to focus our efforts on networking and creating strategic partnerships that allow us to leverage existing resources, rather than spending our time trying to seek or manage donations, grants, or other resources that promote the livelihood of our organization.  Consequently, the time typically spent on the sustainability of one’s own organization can be spent on providing personalized and responsive support to those who benefit from our efforts.

With this said, we strive to connect former foster youth to opportunities to earn income and serve their respective communities.  Making sure that we are able to achieve this without becoming dependent on funding and third party restrictions/obligations typically attached to funding, we have joined with Our Fields of Hope Foundation to create the Connect 20 Campaign.  The mission of the Connect 20 Campaign is to establish a career development center in Waco (TX), designed to promote the leadership development and community engagement of current and former foster youth who are over the age of 12.  The vision of the Connect 20 campaign is to see a United States where ALL current and former foster youth are connected to at least 20 leaders who inspire them to create a personal vision for success and to at least 20 hands-on opportunities to practice skills associated with each of their visions for success.  Please click here to learn more about the Connect 20 Campaign and how it will ensure former foster youth are connected to opportunities to earn income and to serve their respective communities.

If you ever have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to let us know.  We want to hear from you.  Please click here to contact us.



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