I Am a Foster Leader: Kathy Jones

Quotes by Kathy:

“Resilience occurs when you allow what once broke you to become your passion for a better future.”

“You can’t ever take back what you say, so it is important to think before you speak, but you can earn trust back by your actions and with an apology. ”

“If you feel stuck in life, then remember you got yourself there and you can get yourself out. Change only happens when you resolve to make it.”

“Don’t lose sight of who you are or you may never become what you want to be.”

“If you make it a mountain, it will be more difficult to climb. If you make it a step, it’s easier to attain and you’ll be at the top of the mountain without even realizing you climbed it.”

“A mirror’s reflection of you relays only what you want to believe about yourself; not necessarily what is true. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that YOU MATTER. Do that every day until you BELIEVE it to be true and it will be reflected back to you.”

“Being a people pleaser can be detrimental to your health.”

“Your life will go where your mind takes it. Think good thoughts. ”

“Bridges are meant for crossing or burning. Choose wisely.”

“Life makes up its own rules. You can choose to go with the flow or fight the current. Choose wisely.”

“Do for others what they can’t do for you.”

“Having the courage to admit you are weak when in the battle for your life demonstrates strength.”

“Never be ashamed to tell your story. Someone in the world will benefit from hearing it.”

“There are two main ingredients for success: How you define it and what you have had to overcome to get it.”


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